List of Menu Rahmah shops and meals in Malaysia

Check out the list of RM5 Menu Rahman breakfast, lunch and dinner meals at popular shops and restaurant chains in Malaysia.

What is Menu Rahmah?

Menu Rahmah is an initiative launched on 31 January 2023 by Malaysia’s Ministry of Domestic Trade and Cost of Living to encourage F&B operators to offer RM5 meals to tackle inflation and the rising cost of living in the country. The programme aims to ensure that the public, especially those from low-income groups, can continue to get nutritious food at affordable prices.

List of restaurants offering Menu Rahmah meals (March 2023)

Since its inception, over 12,000 restaurants, mamak, shops, and fast-food chains have introduced their own Menu Rahmah at RM 5 or less. We have shortlisted a list of major restaurant chains and brands that are offering the affordable menu below (as of 9 March 2023):

Menu Rahmah Shops (RM / Set)CuisinePrice
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Malay, Indian, Chinese2.50 – 4.90
Lunch (Valid till 19 Mar 2023)
Old Town White Coffee
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Malay4.50 – 5.00
McDonald’s / Mekdi / McD
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
PLUS Malaysia (North-South Highway)
Lunch, Dinner
Malay, Chinese5.00
Burger King
Lunch, Dinner
Lunch, Dinner
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Photos via MYDIN Malaysia / Facebook

  • Breakfast – RM 2.50 per set
    • Kuetiau Goreng
    • Mi Goreng
    • Mihun Goreng
    • Nasi Lemak Biasa
    • Nasi Goreng Biasa
  • Lunch / Dinner – RM 4.90 per set
    • (Monday) Nasi Putih + Ayam Masak Kicap + Kacang Panjang Goreng + Air Minuman
    • (Tuesday) Nasi Putih + Ikan Kembung Goreng + Tauge Masak Lemak + Air Minuman
    • (Wednesday) Nasi Putih + Ayam Goreng Kunyit + Bayam Goreng + Air Minuman
    • (Thursday) Nasi Putih + Sambal Ikan +Kubis Goreng+ Air Minuman
    • (Friday) Nasi Putih + Kari Ayam + Tauge Goreng + Air Minuman
    • (Saturday) Nasi Putih + Ikan Masak Kicap + Kankung Goreng Belacan + Air Minuman 
    • (Sunday) Nasi Putih + Ayam Sambal + Kubis Goreng + Air Minuman
  • Available at selected MYDIN supermarkets with Ready-To-Eat sections nationwide.


Photos via MY AEON BiG / Facebook

  • Lunch (12pm – 2pm) – RM 4.95 per set
    • (Monday) Sotong Kunyit + Air Mineral
    • (Tuesday) Ikan Kuah Kari + Air Mineral
    • (Wednesday) Ayam Kuah Kari + Air Mineral
    • (Thursday) Ikan Kuah Lemak + Air Mineral
    • (Friday) Ayam Hitam + Air Mineral
    • (Saturday) Ayam Kuah Lemak + Air Mineral
    • (Sunday) Ayam Merah + Air Mineral
  • Available at all AEON BiG except Sri Petaling & Mid Valley outlets.

Old Town White Coffee

Photos via Old Town White Coffee / Website

  • All Day – RM4.50 per set
    • Nasi Lemak Rahmah + Lime Drink
  • All Day – RM5.00 per set
    • Nasi Lemak Rahmah with Sausage + Lime Drink
    • Nasi Lemak Rahmah with Minced Chicken+ Lime Drink
  • Add-on to change drink – RM2.00
    • OldTown White Coffee (Hot/Cold)
    • OldTown Nan Yang – O (Hot/Cold)
    • OldTown Teh Tarik (Hot/Cold)
    • Fresh Lemon Tea (Hot/Cold)
    • OldTown Enriched Chocolate (Hot/Cold)
  • Only available for dine-in at selected outlets in Peninsula Malaysia and East Malaysia. Most outlets offer the Rahmah menu except those in tourist attractions and airports.
  • The company did not publish a full list of participating outlets but disclosed the outlets via the comments in their Facebook post.

McDonald's / Mekdi / McD

Photos via McDonald’s Malaysia / Facebook

  • All Day – RM5.00 per set
    • Burbur Ayam McD (S) + Teh Ais Limau (S)
    • McEgg + Teh Ais Limau (S)
    • Burger Ayam + Teh Ais Limau (S)
  • Prices inclusive of taxes.
  • Available via mobile, kiosk and counter orders for selected outlets. Check availability on McDonald’s mobile app.

PLUS Malaysia (North-South Highway Rest & Service Area)

Photos via PLUS Malaysia / Facebook

  • Available for lunch (12 pm – 2pm) and dinner (7pm – 9pm) at selected stalls at the following highway resting stops:
    • R&R Dengkil (North & South directions)
    • R&R Rawang (North direction)
    • R&R Seremban (North direction)
    • R&R Tapah (North & South directions)
    • R&R Ulu Bernam (North direction)
    • R&R Gunung Semanggol (North & South directions)
    • R&R Gurun (North & South directions)
    • R&R Sungai Perak (North & South directions)
    • R&R Pagoh (North & South directions)
    • R&R Gelang Patah (North & South directions)
    • R&R Ayer Keroh (North & South directions)
    • R&R Machap (North & South direction)
    • Hentian Sebelah Nilai (North & South directions)
    • Hentian Sebelah Serdang (North & South directions)
    • Hentian Sebelah Simpang Pulai (North & South directions)
    • Hentian Sebelah Bukit Gantang (North direction)
    • Hentian Sebelah Kulai (South direction)
    • Restoran Jejantas Sg Buloh (North & South directions)
    • Restoran Jejantas Ayer Keroh

Burger King

Photos via Burger King Malaysia / Website

  • Lunch / Dinner – RM 5.00 per set
    • R1 – Cheesy Beef Burger + Mineral Water
    • R2 – BK Chick ‘N Crisp + Mineral Water
  • Available in West Malaysia only. Not valid at Sunway Lagoon, Medini Mall, Johor Premium Outlets, Genting Highlands Premium Outlets, Mitsui Outlet Park, Langkawi and airport branches.


Photos via A&W Malaysia / Facebook

  • Lunch / Dinner – RM 5.00 for a burger
    • Cheese Burger
    • Chicken Sandwich
    • Fish Sandwich
  • Price includes Sales & Service Tax (SST).
  • Available at selected stores in Peninsula Malaysia only.


Photos via Marrybrown / Facebook

  • All Day – RM 5.00++ per set
    • Burger Ayam + Dasani Mineral Water
    • Nasi Kari + Dasani Mineral Water
  • Prices exclude Sales & Service Tax (SST), delivery charges and may vary across locations.
  • Available for dine-in and takeaway nationwide.

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